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Any business or company has to advertise and promote its policies and the product and service that it offers its clients, with price per package or unit per hour rate. A rate sheet is compulsory for companies, as each company advertises its products and services explicitly, along with some details and remarks. This helps the customer to get to know the different types of item for consumption provided, their quality, and their rates relative to other items of the same type.
Usually, there is a pre defined format for any official business document. It helps to give it a professional look to your deals and contracts. Similarly, you have to list all the rates of your offered products or services and any other related details, specifically on a proper rate sheet document. It can be used to compare the rates of product of different companies.
A rate sheet template is a template that helps users to create and manage their own rate sheets. You can easily create a rate sheet for your own business according to your requirement. But to save a lot of time, you can use any ready made rate sheet template also. Here we present a rate sheet template for your convenience. This is a very generalized rate sheet template, and you can get an idea about how you can use or create rate sheet for your business. Just download this template, and save onto your computer. As it is created in Ms. Word, it is very easily customized and used.

Below is the preview and download link to this Free Rate Sheet Template,

Rate Sheet Template

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