Free Inventory List Template

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Inventory is a complete listing of merchandise or stock on hand, work in progress, raw materials, finished goods on hand, etc. It is a detailed, itemized list, report, or record of things in one’s possession, particularly a regular assessment of all goods and materials in stock.

Inventory management is a very important section in business circles. Inventories help in reducing the cost of a business project, dealing with uncertainties in demand and supply of goods, and saving a lot of valuable time. There are special rules and techniques for stock handling and inventory management.

To better manage your inventory list, you have to keep a detailed list of all the types of goods and products present in your inventory. For that purpose, you can use a ready made inventory list template from the internet or from other sources. Here, we have a specially designed inventory list template that you can use to manage the items in your inventory, much easily.

This inventory list template is designed in MS Word 2007, you can easily download it and customize according to your own requirements. You can add or remove rows or columns, or change the contents very easily and you can add or delete data as per your wish. You can put in all the necessary information, to keep a proper record of your inventory items, and can consult the inventory list at any time, without having to refer to the inventory stock. This is a very basic inventory list template that you can customize yourself, and make it useful for your work. It helps you to keep a strong eye on inventory management.

Here is the preview and download link to this Free Inventory List Template,

Free Inventory List Template,

And here we go to download The Free Inventory List Template.  Just click here to download .


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Shipping Label Template

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If you are in search of any template according to your requirement, try this sample template. You can make changes according to your requirement. If this is fulfilling your requirement then download it from the link given below from our website. This is free of cost, so don’t worry about anything.

As the title shows the shipping labels are used by shipping companies to send their supply and goods to their consumers & customers. These labels are used for reasonable transfer supplies of their products and they make their supply with accuracy & smoothness.

The shipping labels provide you the information about:

•        Item description of supplies

•        Entrepreneur

•        Client

•        Addresses of senders and receivers

•        Numbers of supplies

These labels are very much favorable in managing to supply the activities and make a surety to supply the goods to the proper person. If you are running a high level company, and seeking for a delicate design and professional style for supplying your goods then Shipping label template of this website will help you to meet your purpose. Download this label template, and make appropriate changes according to your requirement. Use its pattern, design, and format.

This Shipping Label Template is designed in MS Word to give a facility for various works and make easiness for you job. Because this Shipping Label Template is made in publisher, so everything is entirely easy for you, if anything is feeling you odd, then change it, and also the images, replace it with your favorable pictures.

This Shipping Label template is attached with this post as well. You can download it any time you want its all free to download.If you want any live preview for the Shipping Label Template then its is down here,

Shipping Label Template


To download Shipping Label Template just click down here on the download button and get started.

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Report Card Template

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Schools have to regularly bring the parents up to date on the progress of their child in the school. To keep the parents well informed on the children’s improvement, schools are expected to issue progress report cards on regular intervals. Usually, these progress report cards are sent to the parents after every academic term or semester, which is usually thrice a year in most of the institutes.

Progress report cards are a sort of communication between a child’s teacher and the parents. The teacher can post his comments or remarks to inform the parents of anything worth informing them about. The progress report card gives an open platform to both the teachers and the parents to make sure that the students get all the attention that they deserve.

Here you can see our progress report template that is readily available for your usage. You can download the file simply by clicking on the download link given below. It is a very basic type of progress report template, and you can easily modify it as per your requirements. There is also space for you to add in the details of school, like the logo, name, address and contact details, along with the details of each individual child.

Using our progress report template makes your work a lot simpler. It will just take a small amount of your time to customize and modify the template according to your own specific requirement. The modified file can be saved on for later use. Later on, you can use the same file any number of times for each individual student’s progress report card. Just print it out on a quality paper and you can save a lot of your time as well as money. Here is the preview and download link of our progress report template.

Here is the preview and download link to this Free Report Card Template,

Report Card Template

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Status Report Template

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A status report simply summarizes the situation of a project for any specific period or time. Project managers can show the worth of the project to the customer through the Project Status Report, and keep the clients and higher authorities posted on the current condition of the project. Effective status reporting allows the readers to spend only a few seconds skimming the main report to determine what sort of progress has been made. Regular project status reporting creates a valuable written record for the entire duration of the project. Later on, you can look back and check out how to perk up the running and reporting of future projects.

Project managers are required to write project status reports to keep the concerned parties up to date on the notable activities that have been done on a project and about what still remains to be done. Normally, the reader is the customer or the group of share holders and senior management. Therefore the attitude of a status report should be sober and courteous at the same time.

Many companies require a status report to be an informal memo that is to be distributed among the concerned personnel. The writer should take care to keep in mind what has been expected of him and the type of status report that the seniors are looking forward to. Progress status reports are a symbol of not only the writer’s work but also the company’s and department’s image as a whole.

Whatever may be the tone of a status report, an efficient project status report requires a proper, authentic design and format, which you can see from our site. Below, you can see our professional looking status report template that has been specially designed for your convenience, by our expert designers. This status report template is available free of cost, and is also very easy to customize. Just click on the download link below, and you are ready to use this project status report template for your own project status reporting.

Below is the preview and download link to this Free Status Report Template,

Status Report TemplateStatus Report Template (1)

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Salary Template

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A salary slip or payroll is the sum of all the details of a particular employee’s salary, which includes the basic pay, bonuses and deductions. For an organization’s accounting department, a salary slip, or a pay slip is of vital importance because employee salaries and associated taxes noticeably affects the gross profits in most companies and they should be dispatched according to the local laws and regulations. The main requirement of a salary slip is to make sure that all the hired employees are paid accordingly and in time.
A pay slip is usually issued either in electronic form or as a hard copy. Even employees on vacation are regularly to be issued the salary slip. A salary slip has to be designed in its typical format, and with all the required fields and details. To help you create a salary slip for your organization and employees, you can easily use a professional looking salary template. This, you can create all by yourself easily, and also use a ready made salary template to save your time and resources.
This is our special salary template, which you can use to design your own salary slips for your organization. It is absolutely free of cost, and you can directly download the salary template from clicking on the download link below, in no time at all. You can modify/delete fields, as you find necessary. It is designed to help employers with their record-keeping and pay slips, and is designed to ensure that employees receive their correct wages and entitlements.

Below is the preview and download link to this Free Salary Template,

Salary Template

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