Inventory List Template

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Home Inventory Lists are a very convenient way to document your personal and home assets for insurance or other purposes. It is a very basic type of document that includes a list of important details about different types of products and objects that are in hand or have been lost or damaged by any misfortune. Inventory lists are helpful for keeping a detailed record of your belongings and assets, and is equally important for personal and business uses.
Creating and maintaining a home inventory of your property can help you in insurance claims, by providing with a written proof to show the police and the insurance companies in the case of some mishap like fire, theft, flood, or any other adversity. Creating a home inventory list is not a difficult task. But to save your time, you can use a ready made template available from the internet, to give you a basic outline for your inventory.
Below, you can see our special home inventory list template. It allows you to detail all of your home contents in one simple file. Also, keep track of warranty information, purchase price, condition, serial numbers, and model numbers. This inventory template has been created in Ms. Word, and allows you to easily customize and use this software according to your own needs and requirements. You can download it any time from our site absolutely free of cost. It already contains the usual home used items, and you can either add or remove further items according to your home needs.

Below is the preview and download link to this Free Inventory List Template,

Inventory List Template

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