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Schools have to regularly bring the parents up to date on the progress of their child in the school. To keep the parents well informed on the children’s improvement, schools are expected to issue progress report cards on regular intervals. Usually, these progress report cards are sent to the parents after every academic term or semester, which is usually thrice a year in most of the institutes.

Progress report cards are a sort of communication between a child’s teacher and the parents. The teacher can post his comments or remarks to inform the parents of anything worth informing them about. The progress report card gives an open platform to both the teachers and the parents to make sure that the students get all the attention that they deserve.

Here you can see our progress report template that is readily available for your usage. You can download the file simply by clicking on the download link given below. It is a very basic type of progress report template, and you can easily modify it as per your requirements. There is also space for you to add in the details of school, like the logo, name, address and contact details, along with the details of each individual child.

Using our progress report template makes your work a lot simpler. It will just take a small amount of your time to customize and modify the template according to your own specific requirement. The modified file can be saved on for later use. Later on, you can use the same file any number of times for each individual student’s progress report card. Just print it out on a quality paper and you can save a lot of your time as well as money. Here is the preview and download link of our progress report template.

Here is the preview and download link to this Free Report Card Template,

Report Card Template

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