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A status report simply summarizes the situation of a project for any specific period or time. Project managers can show the worth of the project to the customer through the Project Status Report, and keep the clients and higher authorities posted on the current condition of the project. Effective status reporting allows the readers to spend only a few seconds skimming the main report to determine what sort of progress has been made. Regular project status reporting creates a valuable written record for the entire duration of the project. Later on, you can look back and check out how to perk up the running and reporting of future projects.

Project managers are required to write project status reports to keep the concerned parties up to date on the notable activities that have been done on a project and about what still remains to be done. Normally, the reader is the customer or the group of share holders and senior management. Therefore the attitude of a status report should be sober and courteous at the same time.

Many companies require a status report to be an informal memo that is to be distributed among the concerned personnel. The writer should take care to keep in mind what has been expected of him and the type of status report that the seniors are looking forward to. Progress status reports are a symbol of not only the writer’s work but also the company’s and department’s image as a whole.

Whatever may be the tone of a status report, an efficient project status report requires a proper, authentic design and format, which you can see from our site. Below, you can see our professional looking status report template that has been specially designed for your convenience, by our expert designers. This status report template is available free of cost, and is also very easy to customize. Just click on the download link below, and you are ready to use this project status report template for your own project status reporting.

Below is the preview and download link to this Free Status Report Template,

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