Rental Agreement Template

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A rental agreement template is a legal document that clearly states that the said property owned by such and such a person is being used by such and such a person, by the mutual consent of both the parties. Mostly, rental agreements are made for property. But sometimes it may also include services or goods given on rent.

Rental agreement template is a significant legal document so there are some requirements that should be included in this agreement. If you are to compile a rental agreement then you have to consult a lawyer, library or internet.

Here some important elements are given which should be a compulsory part of rental agreement to avoid any confusion.

Firstly, the rental agreement has to contain the description of the property or services that are being rented. For example, the location and address of the property to be rented.

Next is the duration time of the agreement. The starting and ending date of the agreement is to be specified for which the agreement will be considered. Most commonly, annual agreements are issued with the duration of one year.

The most important part of the document includes the names and information of the two parties involved – namely the landlord and the tenant. Apart from their names, it also includes complete information relating to their contact details, and sometimes, witnesses are also required.

Next, the rental agreement template specifies the terms and conditions applied to both the parties. One of them is rent. It may also include other obligations to protect the rights of the landlord and the tenant. It also provides for a possibility in case any one of the party can not fulfill the obligations

Our site provides its customers with absolutely free of cost and professionally designed rental agreement templates. This Rental Agreement Template is prepared in MS Word 2007 that will let you do your work without any obstructions

This is a very basic rental agreement template to help you only as an “initial point”. Landlord – tenant laws vary from state to state and country to country, and are constantly changing. So it’s better if first you check your state laws regarding your rental agreement situation. Also, you can later on add or modify points as you think necessary.

Here goes preview and download link to this Free Rental Agreement Template,

Rental Agreement TemplateAnd here goes download link to this Free Rental Agreement Template,

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