The world of job markets is highly fast paced and quite dicey these days. As an applicant, you get only a few seconds to catch the attention of the recruiters before they move on to the next applicant.

The interesting thing here is that before you even get a chance to talk to the recruiters, they form an impression of you. This impression is created by the resume that you have shared with them. This means that your resume contributes more than you can imagine to your success at landing a job.

But the problem is that it is hard to understand what impresses the recruiters when they are scanning multiple resumes. You never know what the recruiters are going to look at and what will get your resume selected for the next round.

In such a case, you can use the professional resume templates microsoft word documents to make your very own resume.

There are several people who feel that using microsoft word resume templates can be a big mistake. They feel that resume templates on microsoft word shout out that you took a shortcut or were lazy enough to create your own resume.

Benefits of Using Resume Templates

  • Organize Your Information

A lot of people find it very hard to organize their information properly in their resume. This can particularly be observed in the cases of people who are new to the job market and have no experience of making a resume. For example, when a high school student or college student tries to make a resume, they may not be very organized. In such cases, using high school student resume templates microsoft word can be quite helpful. They can get a chance to present their information in a more structured manner.

  • Present Information in Right Manner

Not everybody understands what information in their resume is critical and what is secondary. While for some industries it is the experience and past work engagements are more important, there are some industries where the education qualification and references that matter.

In such cases what you can do is download best microsoft word resume templates to get an idea of what works in your particular industry. There several samples of templates available for different industries like acting resume templates for microsoft word, nursing resume templates for microsoft word, and creative resume templates microsoft word. You can download them and see what kind of presentation works best for your industry.

  • Save Time & Effort

When you are trying to look for a new job especially when you are working an already stressful job, you may find it difficult to spare time to make your own resume. By the time you get done with the demands of your job you may hardly find any energy left to work on your own resume.

In such cases you may find it easy to download resume templates for microsoft word and get started from there. Once you have the basic structure in place you can then work on the information aspect and have a resume ready for you fairly quickly.

  • Professional Touch

A lot of the microsoft word online resume templates are prepared by professionals who offer resume writing services. They are specialists in what they do and are also well connected with recruiters from different industries. Due to this, they have a better understanding of what recruiters from different industry segments really look for when they are scanning the resumes of the candidates.

Their experience can come in handy when you don’t really know what is your competitive edge for a particular job position. Even a simple resume templates microsoft word created by them can help you make an important first impression.

  • Makes You Stand Out

Most of the people use highly objective statements in their resume which can be quite boring. Recruiters would have seen hundreds of people using the same type of objective statements to present themselves. Such repetition is not going to help in any way.

However, when you use downloadable resume templates for microsoft word then you get a completely creative way of presenting yourself. Different templates have different styles. You can pick and choose what style reflects you better and then use it in your resume.

  • Makes Your Resume Consistent

Nothing irks a recruiter more than a resume that is not formatted properly and has inconsistencies at multiple places. Such resumes make it difficult to read important information for the recruiters. At the same time, such badly formatted resumes also make you look shabby and a lazy person.

Instead when you use microsoft office resume templates for word you can at least maintain a certain type of formatting and structure in your resume. This earns you those extra few second that a recruiter would spend on your resume to consider your candidacy.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Predesigned Resume Template

While you can use the predesigned resume templates, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid when using them:

  • Makes sure you edit the professional resume templates microsoft word before you send it to the recruiters. If you do not edit it completely and end up carrying some dummy information that it can ruin your plans of making an impression. Instead you might come across as a person who is not thorough and particular about things.
  • Most people forget to format the resume properly after editing it. In simple resume templates microsoft word when you edit the template, the formatting may change. You need to go back and apply a consistent formatting style across the resume.
  • Some resume templates are designed to be crisp and precise. When you start adding tonnes of information in them, they look very text heavy. Due to this the important information gets overshadowed by the overwhelming amount of text.
  • When you are editing the template, make sure that you correct the typos and grammatical errors.


So, if you don’t have the time to prepare a professional looking resume, use the resume templates. This way you can catch the eye of the recruiters and get a proper review.

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