Ever since the dawn of the age of the consumer, the customers have become more demanding. They are the king of the modern economy and companies need to make serious efforts to woo them. The rise in competition has made it even more difficult to attract customers. There are so many choices today for a customer that it is easy for them to forget about your brand completely.

This has given rise to the concept of customer engagement. The more engaged your customers are with your brand, the better it is for your business. A simple formula says that higher customer engagement gives you more business from the customers. So how do you keep engaging with your customers on a periodic basis without being too intrusive?

Newsletters are a good engagement tool that is quickly becoming popular. A lot of companies with deep pockets are getting a periodic newsletter designed every time it has to be sent out. However, if you do not have that kind of budget what can you do? A simple way of going about this is to use newsletter templates in word.

Here are the benefits of using word templates newsletters.

Predesigned Newsletter Templates on Word

The Microsoft word templates newsletters are predesigned by professionals who understand the requirements of different types of businesses. The professionals who create the templates have:

  • The experience of working with different scales of companies from different industries.
  • Better understanding of the communication requirements of people
  • More experience of newsletter communications.

You can leverage this experience and their understanding for your benefit.

Templates for Different Operating Systems

Operating systems are something so basic that at times we don’t even think of them when making certain decisions. However, they do matter a lot when it comes to designing newsletters that will be viewed in them. A designer may not be adept at designing templates for two popular operating systems:

  • Mac OS
  • Windows

There are several word newsletter templates for mac available for you to choose and use. These word newsletter templates mac are designed keeping the technical requirements of the operating system in mind. You don’t need to hire a specialist to make them compatible with the Mac operating system.

Templates with Different Layouts

Although it may sound absolutely simple, layouts play a big role in newsletter designs. The layout that you choose will determine how much information you can make available to your audience. In predesigned templates you can have multiple layouts. Each layout will give you an option of presenting the same information in a different way.

The word templates for newsletter layouts are also designed after analysing the reading habits of multiple people. This way you can make the most critical information available at most visible place.

Templates for Different Versions of MS Office

Another benefit of using predesigned newsletter templates is that they are available for different versions of MS office. So, if you are using older versions of the MS Office kit like say 2013 then you can have newsletter templates in word 2013. You don’t have to worry about editing the template to make it compatible with Word 2013. You can edit these templates easily in Word 2013. You can also get a perfect view of how the newsletter will look to your audience when they open it.

Templates for All Seasons

If you are somebody who want to send seasonal newsletters to your customers then you can use the seasonal templates available. So, let’s say you want to send Christmas wishes to your customers then you can use word templates for Christmas newsletters that are available. The seasonal templates are designed to match the mood and the feel of the season. There are seasonal templates available for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Holidays, Halloween, etc. You can simply edit them and send them across.

Templates for Customers and Other Stakeholders

A lot of companies have this practice of sending out different types of communications to different audience group. In addition to customers, they also send out periodic newsletters to investors, promoters, employees, existing customers, etc. When they are sending out something to the customers, they follow a different design. However, when they are sending out a communication to employees, the design changes accordingly.

There are templates available for communication being sent to different segments. You can use a particular design to send newsletter to your customers while you can use another variation of the same templates for employee communication. This way you can have different templates of the same design style for different audience group.

Monthly Templates

If you are one of those creative persons who wants to send out monthly newsletters with a different seasonal change each month in the design, then you that need can also be met. There are templates available that change their look and feel depending on the month. So, a winter month’s template can feature snowflakes whereas the fall month’s design can feature dry leaves. This Microsoft office word templates newsletter can help you add that x factor to your communication.

Multiple Design Options

A designer can only think so much and come up with a limited set of design variations. So, if you need a wide variety of designs then you may have to hire multiple specialists to create that many designs. However, if you go for ready to use templates then you get a wider choice in design because the designs are created by multiple designers and newsletter specialists. The library has contributions coming from several designers from different parts of the world. So, you get to see not only design variation but also cultural variations. The library is not limited by human capacity to think and create.


The newsletter templates available in online libraries are very affordable. You don’t need to shell out more money to be able to run a periodic newsletter program. It is in fact very cost effective when compared to hiring a specialist designer to design a newsletter for you.

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